The other day I finally decided it was okay and somewhat safe to go golfing with a friend. The new COVID-19 rules at the particular golf course we were at, one person per cart, no flags pulled, and gimmies within the leather! My kind of golf!! However, it also was the first time out this year! My husband and I usually golf together but he was having a lot of pain with his left shoulder and in March had Rotator Cuff Surgery. So, I was happy to learn my neighbor used to golf and was looking forward to getting back into the swing I decided to adopt my Father’s First Time Out Rules—no score per hole above an 8, he always said don’t beat yourself up! I was doing fairly well, but towards the last 4 holes, my body was telling me that it was sore and my golf game started to deteriorate and an 8 might have come into play on a hole!

Just to tell you a little about me, I started golfing when I was about 17, shortly (3 years) after, I got married and was no longer to be on my parent’s family plan at their beautiful Big Rock Country Club course in Fayette, Iowa. And of course, I could never afford to golf, not until about 20 years later! It actually was a dare that I couldn’t golf anymore…well, that got me to ordering some golf clubs online! And thus, starting golfing again!

But oh it was no pretty at all and the only reason I kept score was to see where I could go from 164! I became obsessed with golf and lowering my score. I finally got my golf game where I was proud of it golfing 82-92. Not great, but not bad either.

Then life happened to me…I fell and that led to both Right and Left Rotator Cuff surgeries, a torn meniscus and 4 back surgeries, and several others, totaling 14, which took me out of the game for quite a while. It wasn’t till a year ago that I was able to start back up…but because it’s the love of the game that keeps me going, I’m back to playing. I won’t ever be the golfer I came to be, but that’s okay with me. I’ll keep following that little white (in my case, yellow) ball around, as long as I can!